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Our history

connect your hearts to the image through authentic, emotional and elegant work.

Nice to meet you, 

Behind Rock On The Moon, I am Mélody.

In brief: Libra, Gemini ascendant, moon in Libra.

So you, love, aesthetics and me always work together.

I am very proud to be the fruit of several generations of family heritage of photographers, musicians, opera and performance artists who accompany me every days.

Multi-passionate about art and a true “wild life lover”, I could give you a list as long as my arm of my experiences...

But I'm going to talk to you about the most important thing: the Rock On The Moon universe, inspired by my true lifestyle.

I have two wolf dogs Gaïa & Jaïko, and I love the great outdoors and adventure.

I am also very influenced by fashion and classical painting:

A unique blend of adventure and elegance, from my soul which gave birth to Rock On The Moon.

Photography yes, but not only that: artistic direction.

I am convinced that it is this universe around the past moment which creates a unique and extraordinary rendering:  the venue and decoration, and of course you and your emotions.
I am here to guide you throughout our session by offering you a unique photographic scenography, and capture the messages from your hearts.

During your beautiful weddings, I capture the emotional highlights but also and above all the stolen moments and all the details that make up this unforgettable day.

You + me = us

During your happy days, I am carried by a unique energy in your contact which allows me to adapt and accompany you with delicacy. Behind my case, my heart always vibrates with you during moments rich in emotion, and I am at your side, in the front row to immortalize every detail.


I am specializing in the treatment and so-called "bohemian chic style", with strong work in natural light and American photographic training. 

What we call in the jargon "US moody chic", a post-photographic treatment (retouching) based on contrast and warm colors, as i worked in a luminous style which does not tend towards too orange tones.

I was trained for 6 years in visual arts and art history, and I practiced for several years serving the immortalization of your precious events (individually as well as professional/fashion).

For the rest it's a story of passion and also... of heritage.

I would really be delighted to chat with you.

Toulouse, Bordeaux, Languedoc and Great South West

France and International on project study.


melody-taillan-rockonthemoon 2.jpg

"what photography reproduces to infinity, only happens once."

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